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Bouncing Bonanza Fit

Bouncing Bonanza fit is offered to daycares,churches, after-school programs, recreational centers ,any groups with children ages 2-12 years of age. Our goal is to increase  physcial activity. While child obsesity is an epedimic and can cause serious health issues, heart disease, and diabeties . Children who are obese from a young age may also develop poor habits that can affect their health and self-esteem for a lifetime. We want to fight back to prevent these issues.We understand that children this age have a short attention span so we interpret the things that they love to do such as by allowing them to jump in our bounce house once a week which allows them to jump, stretch, climb, run, and of most importantly at this age have fun. We also provide additional activities such introducing them to sports such as soccer, tball, football, dancing, activities with parachutes ,activities with hoola hoops, jumping rope,  dancing, activities with bubbles and much more. If the weather is too cold or rainy we will provide them with a indoor kid friendly aerobics class with lots of dancing and movement which will enable them to still get the workout they need. This will allow your child to burn lots of calories, increase heart and respiratory rate, and increase strength. We realize parents have demanding schedules and can’t always take your child out after a long days work, so let us come to you and provide them with a little exercise and fun!!!

*Kids with medical conditions need to be sure the physician has consented them to participate.
Please call for rates!!!

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